"Wonderful and absurd, somewhere between Samuel Beckett and Mauricio Kagel"

Politiken, 2018

"First and foremost James Black is a great composer. He is creative and dares to leap into curious things - you are never bored listening to his works"

Pelle-prize motivation, 2018

"James Black, if you had to describe in him one word, is a muscular composer. There is elementary power in his work"

Politiken, 2017

"A mix of Kodaly's solfege-system and the Village People...Riveting, disturbing, and fascinating - something quite different from most things"

Ballade.no, 2018

"The whole piece moves in a space that no longer needs distinctions between tonal or atonal, composition or live-performance, pop or experimental music, but moves incessantly in all conceivable directions"

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, 2017

"He casts himself out, standing almost naked onstage. Puts himself at risk and takes the greatest chances, because as well as being a talented composer, he is a brave and reckless performer with an immediate, natural and strong stage presence"

Pelle-prize motivation, 2018

"It was funny - and it was sad. Has this performer-composer lost his mind? Or has he composed what it meant to have had a brain injury?"

Politiken, 2017

"Pure and simple melody, sadness-saturated beauty"

Politiken, 2019

"Painfully honest"

Amfion.fi, 2016

"Crazy, but also momentarily mournful...a new world"

Seismograf, 2019