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List of works

Scores marked * are available for purchase from Edition·S

All other scores are available on request from the composer



I love you, Shakkoumon (2020)

for Bass Clarinet, Trombone, and Video

POSY II: The Life of POSY (2020)

for Percussion, Piano, and Video

Close to you, Colossus (2020)

for Violin, Piano, and Video

Lullabies (2019)*

for Two Percussionists, Pianist, Vietnamese Soprano, and Video

Antifleur (2019)*

for Tenor Saxophone, Guitar, and Video

Bind us together with unbreakable chords (2017)*

for Recorder and Organ

Everything is gonna burn, we'll all take turns (I'll take mine too) (2017)*

for Violin, Guitar, Accordion, Piano, and Double Bass*

Chorale Preludes (2016)* 

for Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, and Percussion

En Tåre (2016)*

for Clarinet in A and piano

Crow (2016)*

for Piano four hands

Kakashi (2016)*

for Harp and Percussion

At night, walking shoes full of blood on the door (or, steam heating a room full of opium) (2015)*

for Wind Quintet

Al-Anbiq (2015)*

for Bass Clarinet, Accordion, and Piano

Jalanjälkiä (2014)

for String Quartet


Ballades (2016)*

for Bass Flute

The Gospel Accordion 2 (2014)*

for Accordion

Piece About Everything (2019)*

for Accordion and video


RAUS (2017)*

for 14 Players and Soloist

SPEAK (2018)*

for Accordion and ensemble


Ground Moves (2016)*

for Winds, Strings, and Percussion


Your clone continues to run for his life (2015)

for Carophone, Lever Harp, and Electronics

This piece will improve your life (2018)

for 12 Performers

Five Landscapes (2017)

for Live Drawing and Electronics

IWANTU (2019)

for Vocalist/Carophone, Flute, Guitar, 2 Saxophones, Double Bass, Video and Electronics

POSY (2019)

for 5 Performers, Installation, and Marching Band

Karate Documents (2016)

for 3 Performers

Three songs for good health (2017)

for 3 Performers

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